What Do Internet Speed Results Mean?

Minimum Speed - Required

3 Mbps

Very casual use, email and occasional surfing

10 Mbps

Online gaming and HD video streaming

25 Mbps

Multiple heavy users(streaming data such as HD video, gaming, etc.)

General - Internet Speed You Need

Operation 20+ Mbps 10–20 Mbps 6–10 Mbps 4–6 Mbps 2–4 Mbps
Web Surfing & Email No Video Streaming
Medium Speed Web Surfing Good for Low Quality Video (720p)
High Speed Web Surfing High Quality Video Streaming (1080p)
High Quality Video Streaming (1080p) High Speed Downloads / Business-Grade Connection
Several High Bandwidth Apps High Quality Video Conferencing

Download and Upload - Internet Speed Typical Usage Cases

Broadband Download Speed Typical Use
0.5 Mbps (Mega bits per second) If speeds are constitent should be sufficient for audio streaming, email and very basic web browsing.
1 Meg (Mbps) Basic video streaming should work and standard web pages.
2 Meg (Mbps) Standard definition (SD) video from BBC iPlayer should be possible.
5 Meg (Mbps) Should allow High Definition (HD - 1080p) video streaming to run smoothly.
8 Meg (Mbps) Should be able to support video streaming and other activities at the same time without buffering.
15 Meg (Mbps) Connection will support a few video streams and other activity at the same time.
25 Meg (Mbps) Should be able to to stream pre-recorded Ultra HD video (UHD - 4k) smoothly.
40 Meg (Mbps) Should be able to to stream live Ultra HD video (UHD - 4k) smoothly.
Broadband Upload Speed Typical Use
0.1 Mbps (Mega bits per second) Enough to send simple text emails.
0.4 Meg (Mbps) Online gaming should be possible, remember gaming is very latency sensitive.
0.8 Meg (Mbps) Webcam video streams over Skype etc should be reasonable quality
2 Meg (Mbps) HD Webcam streaming may be possible.
10 Meg (Mbps) Uploading 200MB of holiday video to the cloud will take around 4 to 5 minutes